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We transformed the identity of a school with a very bad reputation. Based on the idea of versatility, the new identity can grow with students and also address other target groups, from parents through teachers to state authorities. In addition to its basic mission, the new identity holds a wider societal significance. Turning the infamous school into a responsible lovebrand, with ambitions to be a source of innovations, a showcase of new educational approaches, and a model for other elementary schools in the country.


The core of the rebrand is based on our biggest challenge: the number of diverse target groups from students, parents, the public, partners, teachers, to the state. Consequently, we came up with an adaptable identity, built on a logo that changes its character based on the audience. This cheerful mascot forms the heart of the identity, alongside a modular layout system based on the letter A, which creates a mask for photos or a bulletin board for important announcements. This way, we can develop endless applications for diverse target groups while keeping the school’s identity consistent.


The most important indicator is the parents’ interest in the school and the enrollment of preschoolers. Using its new identity, the school has recently organized its first annual festival for teachers and parents. More than 800 participants were in attendance, which is an above-average result for a small town of 40k inhabitants. The new identity helped raise interest in enrollment by 100%, which meant that the school met its quota for opening a necessary second class.

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