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  • 2023

Brightpick’s end-to-end robotic solution autonomously picks, consolidates and dispatches orders in large, small and micro fulfillment centers. They have raised more than 54M$ to help them reimagine order fulfillment and we’ve helped them with the whole branding experience for US market.

We designed a BrandTruth™ communication strategy, helped choose a name, and created a confident visual identity with 3D renders to conquer the US e-commerce market. From Central Europe to the whole world. Meet Brightpick – The first pick for automated fulfillment.



Logistics and robotics should adapt to you, and not your company to them.

You can never have a perfect warehouse and you can’t always afford to build a new hall. Most of the time, you have to optimize the things that you already have, and do it as well as possible.


Brightpick is here to help young but bold e-commerce businesses grow and compete with the best ones through the best-in-the-world robotics & automation.

E-commerce business and its scaling can’t get impacted by the fact that you can’t find 2000 pickers (seasonal workers) during peaks.

If you want to show that you’re the best, you have to overcome the biggest challenge, in the best way you can: in this business, it is the food (e-groceries) because of its specificity: storage, expiration date, fragility, etc..


The whole team and the company have a healthy amount of confidence, they are uncompromising when it comes to quality, efficiency, and practicality.

Whatever they do, they’re never just trying it out. If they are offering something, it’s as good as it can be.

They don’t enter a market if they don’t have the perfect, or almost perfect, solution. This is them and their business approach.

The goal is to be able to prove we’re really the first pick.
This, in turn, creates a positive inwards pressure.


The first pick for your e-commerce growth.
The first pick for e-groceries.
The first pick for automatized fulfillment.
The first pick for fast delivery.

Do the right first pick with Brightpick’s end-to-end robotic solution that autonomously picks, consolidates and dispatches orders in large, small and micro fulfillment centers.


Strong connection
with the Brand

As a part of the introductory Kickoff presentation, we prepared two lead designs with different approaches to colour, typography, layout, and design style.

After consultations with the client, we settled on the dynamic design that works with data visualisation, multimedia and microinteractions.

A distinctive feature of the final design is its specific colour scheme, which is one of the brand codes of the company.

We also prepared a custom font for the data work, which is based on the anatomy of the brand’s logo. We use rounded corners in the content containers, which are easier for the eye to process, as they focus attention to the centre of the area where information is located.

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