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Startup Awards is the largest and most prestigious competition for young innovative companies in Slovakia. After several changes in the program and location, there was a need for a redesign of their visual identity, communication, and name to boost internal growth and to allow for expansion to other countries.

The leitmotif was the metaphor of a journey: a start-up is not the easier journey to success, it is often the more difficult one.


The logo of STARTUP AWARDS has always been modified year by year. However, the year 2016 needed a full redesign due to the change of the whole concept.

The main idea behind this year's campaign is the metaphor of a journey, therefore we used public transport lines on all campaign visuals and as well as the website.

The final event was broadcasted on the national TV, so we animated jingles and TV graphics.

As if they wiretapped us: they knew what we wanted from the very beginning and went far beyond that. Delivered it in a better quality than we would have ever imagined and kept coming with new ideas. Palo, Michal and Jakub were an amazing and the hardest working team ever. Echt was absolutely essential in the transformation of STARTUP AWARDS.

Peter Kolesár, Neulogy CEO

Big Campaign

Three-month long, cross-channel campaign including a mix of OOH, social media, direct marketing and PR.

TV Graphics

Commercial spots, jingles, TV bug, wipe screen & music for a live show.

Stage Design

Design of the stage and interior of Bratislava Istropolis in cooperation with the scenographer Pavol Andraško.

We also deliver products and content

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