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Next Day at Represent


Represent is a startup acquired by CustomInk for $100 million. Represent wants to work with the best people who love building their products and the company. We proposed an Employer Branding strategy to them.

The concept was straightforward - great people attract great people. Money and stylish offices with numerous perks are clearly important, but they are not the deal-breakers. The best people mainly want to look forward to working and enjoy the time spent with their colleagues. They want to get goosebumps from new ideas and have a real impact on products used by hundreds of thousands of people.

Represent men and women are admirable not only for what they do at work but also for what they do outside of it.

Get to know Andrej Pancik, the co-founder of Represent #NextDayAtRepresent "Prague is a metropolis with everything you...

Posted by Represent Prague on  28. september 2016

Meet Michal Šimonfy, designer and front-end developer @ Represent Michal authored a number of projects including...

Posted by Represent Prague on  12. október 2016

Get to know Juraj Masár #NextDayAtRepresent Juraj grew the Represent team in Prague. He started a number of projects...

Posted by Represent Prague on  25. október 2016

Meet Jakub Kýpeť, Full-stack developer @ Represent #nextDayAtRepresent "One piece of advice that I did know and took to...

Posted by Represent Prague on 3. november 2016

Cooperation with Jakub and Studio Echt was frictionless. Our 13-, 18- and 27-minute meetings were enjoyable and productive. They valued our time as much we valued theirs. Communication was smooth, deliverables were great, and even if something did not entirely meet our expectations, they tackled it in the best possible way. They rock! I hope for more companies in Slovakia as this one.

Juraj Masár, Represent VP of Engineering


Design of the About Us section describing life at Represent, open job positions, the Press kit and social networks records #NextDayAtRepresent.


Idea, script and video production about the life at Represent in Prague.


Interviews and photos of people from Represent. The selection of a theme, production and editing of the content and communication schedule.

We also deliver products and communication

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