Designers, programmers and communication specialists, all at one place.

We are a design and communication boutique in Bratislava. We work for brands and companies from across the world.

You can read about our way of working and our values in our manifesto.

We support Slovensko.Digital, Nosene, Svetielko Pomoci, Pod krídlami Dominiky and many more non-profit organizations and projects.

We have no account managers, in order to avoid misunderstandings. We like equal relationships. Therefore, each of the projects is led by one of the studio’s partners.

The potential cooperation is launched by a #kickoff presentation, which is based on your assignment. Its output is a detailed research of the topic and competition, and an adjusted or often completely new assignment. After the presentation, we draw up the price offer, the timeline and the plan of works.

Jakub, Pavol, Michal


We are not the client, our client is

Do not work for competitions or fans on social networks. Listen to your clients and learn as much as possible about their business.


Communication > skills

If you cannot listen to the client and cannot explain your ideas to them, you could be a genius, but you’re not suitable for us.


There’s only one name, the first impression is only made once

Always prepare carefully for the first meeting. If you make a mistake during a project, correct it and do not fret about the time you will have to spend doing so.



Name the problem directly – but politely. This is the basis of our communication within the studio, as well as with the clients.


Deadlines and responsibility

By keeping to deadlines, you show others that you respect them. You have to respect your time, and this is why you have to respect the time of others as well.


Delivered work needs to be paid in good time

The invoice should be paid after delivering the service, not on the day it is due. By this, both sides show mutual respect.


We bring value, we make money

Our work creates profit for our clients. Let’s have a sensible price formation and let’s not negotiate the price. If the client does not see the value of our work, cooperation is useless, and we are not afraid to end it. It will never bring good results.