Ďalšie témy

Digital experiences

We love creating the digital image of your brand. And we have a lot of experience with it, too.

The majority of the briefs we get start with: “We need a new web (redesign)”. As with other projects, we start with a face-to-face meeting, questionnaire and a thorough analysis of the status quo, the market and the competition. We design with future trends in mind, so we don’t provide you with something that will become outdated in half a year.

Our goal is to propose a solution that you won’t even have to change in two years’ time. At the same time, we’ll point out that the release of a new web or an application is not the final step, but merely the beginning. But if we do it properly, you’ll see a lot of new possibilities and worlds, in which not only your brand, but also your products can find their place.

We work with open-source solutions because we don’t want you to be dependent on us. Our clients stay with us for years because they want to, not because they have to.

If you want a new website

We’ll discuss your requirements for functionality and aesthetics. We’ll get to know your brand, your language and your customers. We’ll talk about people that should come to your website. Then, we’ll get to the tech questions: Do you really need a CMS system, or are you going to make changes to your web only once a year? Do you really want a blog there? Because nothing is worse than the latest article that is 3 years old. 

We always start with content and web architecture. The equation is simple – the more final the content you give us (or we prepare it together), the better the result. We’ll design at least two visual styles, which we’ll showcase on your homepage and one subpage. Then you pick the one you like better, with two feedback rounds included in the price. 

After that, we’ll design all the important pages and also their behaviour on mobiles, where needed. We’ll continue with micro interactions – small animations, but we’ll keep them in check. After your final approval, we’ll start with front-end and back-end development. The final phase is testing and once we’re done with all the tweaks, the new web is ready.

If you want a mobile application

In lots of cases, we’ll try to talk you out of it, because there are already too many apps out there. Often, a quality mobile web would do the job. Just think: how many apps on your phone do you actually use? 

Creating a successful application is a tough job. But if you haven’t neglected the product design or the UX, our work can be a nice finishing touch. If you don’t have a product or UX partner, we’d be happy to step in and be a part of your project from the very beginning.

The standard process for designing an app is the following:

  1. We identify the key screens where we’ll test a few visual styles.
  2. We have a few feedback rounds with the chosen style.
  3. We implement it for all the necessary screens.
  4. We create a clickable prototype.
  5. Similarly as with web design, micro interactions play an important role here. We design them in the form of animations.
  6. We prepare the resources and UI library for the developers.

Who did we create a website or an app for?

We have a lot of references in this area, from big projects like a web and mobile app design for the telecommunications operator O2 Slovakia (plus web and apps for its project Radosť), to websites of big technology companies like Innovatrics, to growing start-ups like Sensoneo. We also worked for the Nedbalka Gallery, Slnko Records, Orava Museum, investors from IPM or Denník N. For them, we also created a new mobile app and a popular app Minúta po minúte. We created clickable pre-production prototypes of applications for lots of start-ups and investors, which allowed them to better evaluate the market potential. We also designed a healthcare app Healthmode, travel app Hopin and its sister app Wilio.