Ďalšie témy

Strong brands

Big and small companies alike often approach us with a request to refresh their brand after several years or even decades. But we also work with companies that are just in their ideation phase and frankly, that’s what we enjoy the most.

In fact, a lot of visual identities that we’ve created started as a different project. The client wanted a new website or a redesign of their packaging. But we look at the project holistically and if it’s not based on solid foundations, so it can fail. And the proper foundations are based on strategy, brand and only then on its concrete applications.

As usual, the process starts off with our first meeting, questionnaire and follow-up personal consultations. If necessary, we invite subject matter experts from our creative community to join the project. It’s important for us to understand all the contexts in which your brand should work as well as who will take care of it in the future. It’s easy to design things that are beautiful at first sight but complicated (and expensive) to maintain.

Strong brands are consistent and our goal is to help you achieve this consistency by creating the right framework for using your brand.

Instead of printed manuals or PDF files, we’ll create an online presentation that can be easily updated. This way, everything is saved in one place and accessible for all. We upload the manual on Google Slides or your own web page, so you don’t have to pay for any extra service.

Who did we find the right brand for?

The residents of Bratislava might have seen our rebranding for the taxi brand HOPIN. We created a brand for a wine producer Poetika, charging operator Emeo and real estate project Slnečnice POP. We redesigned the brands Kickresume, Domotron and AirExplore and created identities for startups Merlon and Healthmode. For fourteen months, we worked on a redesign of the Kalas brand that has been on the market for 23 years. This work also got us into the spotlight of a renowned website The Brand Identity. We also created the brands of political parties Za ľudí and Spolu which are well-known by the complete population of Slovakia.