Ďalšie témy

The right words

We have a simple rule: a web, brand, brochure or an ad banner must work even without the visuals. It’s words that have this power and our common goal is to find the right combination.

If you approach us with your own texts, we’ll help you polish them or simplify the language so that you communicate consistently. If you don’t have your voice yet, we’ll find it together and define it using a simple method that anyone will be able to use. 

The most common request we get is to create a name:

It can be part of the branding project, or it’s us who convince the client to change the name (but that rarely happens). And sometimes the client just wants a name for their company or product. To start off, we meet, get to know each other and send you a questionnaire. Then we meet again and take a closer look at the environment where the name should fit. But most importantly, we explore your plans so we’re prepared for (almost) any development of your company.

The most important questions we ask are:
What markets should the name fit into? Not just today, but in 10 years also. Do you want to protect your name with a trademark? (Recommended!) If so, in which countries/parts of the world? What are your expectations from a domain? The odds that .com or even .sk domain will be free are low, but we know a few workarounds. 

To complement the name, we also create a tagline that helps people better understand your brand. Moreover, we also define your tone of voice – what tone and language you should use.

We also write web copy, inspirational essays, texts for campaigns and promo brochures. We’ll adapt to your voice and we’ll be brief, but concise; direct, but not cold.

Who did we help?

We created a name for the fund Etherus (together with the web and identity), for employer brand Tatra banka and Raiffeisen bank #prirodzenenajlepsi, the name for the fast food Ty somaru, real estate portal Býval, program for active elders Stále dobrí and the name for responsible second-hand NOSENE. We produced the exhibition POMOC! for the organization SlovakAid, gave the name Adam to Tatra banka’s chatbot, wrote all the puns and sales punchlines for the most successful bank campaign for students with Gizka Oňova #gizkariesi and also web copy for Radost.digital. We renamed Czech developers and members of the Deloitte Fast 50 list from The Funtasty to Futured. We gave a name to top chef Martin Zahumensky’s e-shop Pappa mia, kids’ yoghurt Ňuňu from Malý Gazda, air quality test kit Airlogy Kit as well as to a smart developer Vestal Living. We found the right words to sell the new real estate project from the developer Cresco – Pokoj mesta, or for the part of its project Slnečnice POP as well as the tagline for the global cycling apparel brand Kalas – Ride on, Stand out!