Ďalšie témy

Videos and animations

Conferences and events

We create complete audiovisual stage identities for large events such as conferences and festivals. For three years, we’ve delivered the visual and video identity for Startup Awards, currently Future Now Conference. We created an animation of a roadmap for the company Resco. We created an identity for the two largest strategic events of Tatra banka as well as for the launch of its innovative Elevator Lab.

Video series

We produce most of the internal audiovisual communication for Tatra banka and Raiffeisen bank. We prepared a series of videos from the Trend TOP awards ceremony and introduction videos of the participants of Startup Awards. We also prepared a series of crazy dance battles for Tatra banka’s internal Christmas party. We created a video series introducing a political party’s key representatives. For the global design conference By Design Conference we produce video interviews with the speakers and the conference Aftermovie.

Promo videos for the internet and TV commercials

In cooperation with renowned directors and productions, we can deliver feature TV commercials as well as animated videos. We worked on a promo video for Kickresume.com, online ad for Resco, TV commercial for a political party and also all the graphics of animations and jingles for video.sme.sk.