Visual identity and a website for the biggest Slovak air carrier

Authors Jakub Ptačin, Tomáš Nožina, Pavol Kyselica, Jakub Goda, Maroš Ľuba, Michal Chovaňák, Michal Fehér




Air Explore


Corporate Identity, Branding, DTP, Webdesign, Front-end, WordPress, Motion

After 10 years, Air Explore decided to redesign their visual identity. They do business in a specific B2B segment, and their brand needed to be distinguishable yet discreet at the same time, as it works in symbiosis with other strong B2C air brands and cannot outshout them. Our goal was to create a bright color combination making it distinguishable from local competitors and a modern and confident brand which is not too self-absorbed.

After redesigning their visual identity, it was then time to change the website with information for B2B partners and passengers and the current state of their Boeing fleet, including specifications and a virtual tour.