The Christmas Greeting of the President of the Slovak Republic for the presidents of other countries, ranging from Germany through to Iceland and Japan

Authors Jakub Ptačin, Pavol Kyselica, Maroš Ľuba, Michal Chovaňák, Jozef Koleják




Office of the President of the Slovak Republic


Creative Concept, Web Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, DTP

Designing a Christmas greeting for a country’s president is not an easy task. All the key visual symbols and clichés from Slovakia have long been used. This includes everything from log houses, through to Čičmany, Orava Castle, and the Tatras. It is also true that usually it is only a formality and such a greeting at best gets to the president’s assistant, and we didn’t like that. We decided to do things differently and engage the whole country in the process of creating this greeting. People could join us through a simple microsite and their profile picture was included in one of the Christmas greetings sent to the whole world, be it to Germany, Japan, or Iceland.

Almost 3,000 people got involved and we have used their faces to put together dozens of unique greetings. Moreover, we had a great reach on social networks and thousands of likes and shares. Why can’t a Christmas greeting to the whole world get a response at home as well?