Visual identity and a web for the biometric attendance system

Authors Pavol Kyselica, Michal Chovaňák, Maroš Ľuba, Jakub Koričanský, Lukáš Vavrinec, Michal Fehér






Branding, Web Design, Front-End Development, Wordpress Development, Photo and Video Production

Innovatrics is one of the world’s leading companies in the development of finger and face biometrics. Their product Fingera makes it possible to record attendance and grant access to buildings only based on biometrics, without the use of cards, chips and keys.

The logo is composed of the symbol of an eye, which also represents a fingerprint. The font used in the logo is derived from the font used in the Innovatrics logo, in order to maintain brand affiliation.

The goal of the website is to give the impression of trustworthiness and accessibility, because the target group includes small and medium-sized enterprises in the Slovak and Czech market. We have prepared the introductory video and photos on the website in cooperation with our sister company Mediatechna.