Visual identity of a popular mobile application

Authors Pavol Kyselica, Tomáš Janek, Michal Chovaňák, Michal Fehér, Maroš Ľuba, Jakub Koričanský






Strategy, Corporate Identity, Branding, Front-end Development, Back-end

Further to changing the Hopin product, it was necessary to adapt the visual and communication identity as well, so that it reflects the new functions of the application. Hopin is no longer only about taxis, but also about up-to-date data from public transport or luxurious limos on request.

The claim “Tap for taxi” was also changed to “Tap for transport”. We left out the taxi element from the logo and the new symbol includes a strong and confident letter H on a bold yellow background. In the negative space, a road line is created, which is worked with in the other uses of the identity. The road theme connects the “Tap for transport” slogan with the practical everyday use of the application.

The design included a design manual, modular website system with CMS, taxi liveries and, naturally, the mobile application itself.

Our work for HOPIN included creating the mobile application design and many other things.