New identity for the biggest Android portal in Slovakia

Authors Pavol Kyselica, Branislav Rariga




Virtual Studio


Corporate Identity

The MôjAndroid brand includes not only one of the biggest technological portals but also many competitions, community forums and a Roadshow series across Slovakia. That is why we had to make the new identity universal enough, so that it works in all contexts.

The main motivation for redesigning the MôjAndroid, MôjWindows and MôjiPhone brands was to simplify their visual language, define clear rules for them and adjust them so that they can function on their own, but at the same time form a whole entity. The logo is based on the “focus” theme, which is used to communicate the main activities of the editorial staff, focusing on the newest trends in the world of technologies.

Focus is played with in the identity using a pattern that can be used on large surfaces but also works in animations, only highlighting selected parts of texts. In printed materials, the brand is presented especially through a color code supplemented with a font from the Roboto superfamily, which also forms the basis of the new website by Milan Chudoba.