Design and development of the website of a hotel resort in the heart of Slovak nature

Authors Pavol Kyselica, Michal Chovaňák, Maroš Ľuba, Michal Fehér




Prime Tourist Resorts


Web Design, Front-End Development, Wordpress Development

Salamandra is a business hotel, which is also visited by families with children. It has a modern architecture, a top-class chef and a beautiful setting with a ski resort. The original website did not reflect the real level of services.

The hotel’s setting is visually attractive; therefore, the central part of the website is composed of large enticing photos. The whole visual style is based on the hotel’s interior. It is supported by an information architecture and a system where the client can arrange individual subpages according to seasonal needs. This is true also for the campaign landing pages directly tied to the reservation system.

The website is, of course, also prepared for creating special personalized offers for B2B clients.