The visual identity of the biggest regional competition of start-ups and the Future Now conference

Authors Pavol Kyselica, Jakub Koričanský, Michal Chovaňák, Jaroslav “Jeno” Jenča, Pavol Andraško






Branding, Motion Design, Web Design, DTP, Front-end Development, TV Graphics

The seventh year of the StartupAwards.SK competition was an exhibition of the best of the local start-up scene. In addition to a slightly changed and extended competition format, the event included the new Future Now conference with top speakers, for which we prepared a logo and visual identity.

After the 2016 “road” concept, we tried to find a visual metaphor that would be sustainable for both brands in the future. We dressed the Startup Awards in black because of the dynamics and the ceremonial touch of the gala evening; Future Now will be white and more sterile as it is directed more at a business audience. The connecting element is still the symbol of an arrow with changing attributes according to the current year.

In addition to the all-year communication, including websites, we also prepared all of the TV graphics and 147 videos complementing the stage in the new building of the Slovak National Theater.