Notebook that will steal your heart, run away and never call back.

Studio Echt Pocketbook
Wireframe or draw

Wireframe or draw

Grid-lined left side easy to split into 8 boxes to sketch your presentation. Blank right side for unlimited creativity.

Pocket size

Pocket size

We are maybe 100% sure that it will fit into your back pocket. If not, you are too small and you should have eaten more!

NOT a fat-ass

NOT a fat-ass

Compared to this one, feather is a fat ass. With a total of 3 grams, it is easy to hold, throw or just carry around.



With its special rounded edges, it can be easily thrown as far as you like. What's more, it is optimised to be used while biking.



Pure paper. Nothing more and nothing less. Maybe just a bit of steel and that's it. Alright, alright - paper, steel and some ink. And by the way, one more tree is dead because of you!

Studio Echt Pocketbook Paper

Keep on


If you lose it, it's gone. Forever. Forevereverever. You will never get it back. Never ever. You should just move on. Too bad. Your bad.

And the best part is:

We will give away the first 150!

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