About Us

We’re a pre-advertising agency based out of Bratislava and Munich.

We help brands to



Analyze the vision (of new brands) or identify challenges (with existing brands).



Design and define the best approach and solutions.



Build brand assets and tools using our design and strategy expertise.



Support and develop the brand for the future.


We help brands change the world while saving (and making) them money by preparing them for future investments in marketing, PR, and brand-building.

Through wordplay, visuals, experiences across apps and websites, and our own special Brandtruth™ Strategy, we translate brand stories into languages audiences understand and relate to.

To meet our clients’ varied needs, we’ve assembled an equally varied team. We are designers, copywriters, strategists, typographers, and photographers – working locally for brands globally.

Our work processes, based on principles of individuality and responsibility, are also tailored to meet expectations. In order to streamline our workflow, we chose to avoid the bureaucracy of standard middle management. Our work processes are divided between multiple smaller, more agile self-governing teams.

To date, our work has been recognized by several awards, including the Effie for marketing effectiveness and the Jury Award at Youtube Works.


When it comes to new projects, there are two things to worry about – time and budget. Thankfully, we’ve refined our processes enough to be able to give you an accurate estimate of both before even starting work on your project.

Here’s how we work:

Our journey together begins once you’ve filled out our contact form. Depending on the brief you submit, one of two things can happen:


If your brief is clear…

We choose a small, but complex,
part of your brief to discuss
and implement in a paid
“chemistry-check” to see how
well we work together.


If your brief is unclear or missing…

We start with a paid “kick-off”
presentation to discuss your
needs and wants.
(€1,500 excluding VAT)

Please note we charge 50% of the contract’s total agreed value in advance. The pricing includes two feedback rounds. All additional rounds are charged separately.

Most projects commonly consist of the following processes:


Brandtruth™ Strategy

5+ weeks



4+ weeks


Visual Identity

5+ weeks


Web Design & Development

12+ weeks



In our experience, these steps take on average 2-3 weeks more than the client expects. Please, consider this when planning deadlines.

If we’re aligned properly following these preliminary rounds, we’ll continue with the rest of the project. But our collaboration (hopefully) doesn’t end with submitting the final materials, documents, or codes.

We care about the lives of our projects after we submit them and are looking for long-term relationships. When you grow, we want to keep growing with you so that we can support you on your journey towards success.


Jakub Ptačin, Founding Partner

Pavol Kyselica, Founding Partner
Creative Director

Michal Chovaňák, Founding Partner
Technology Director

Maroš Ľuba, Partner
Art Director

Juraj Zajačka, Partner
Art Director

Janik Lipke, Partner
DACH region

Jozef Pálenik,
Director of Multimedia

Matej Pyšný

Maťo Pyšný,
Head of Brand Design

Jakub Koričanský,
Head of Motion Design

Maňo Balog,
Full-stack Copywriter

Ester Lysá,
Full-stack Designer

Martin Gross,
Full-stack Designer

Jozef Koleják,
Full-stack Developer

Juraj Porubän,
Full-stack Designer

Lukáš Vavrinec,
Full-stack Designer

Richard Lavrík,
Full-stack DTP

Jakub Dušička

Jakub Dušička,
Brand Designer

Veja Jakubčová

Veronika Jakubčová,
Finance & Controlling

Ivan Ľuba

Ivan Ľuba,
Legal & Back Office