BrandTruthTM is our unique blend of brand promise, employer brand promise, and company mission. At Studio Echt, we believe that future-proof brands are built by people that truly understand their work’s purpose and can incorporate their company ethos into everyday actions.

Simply put, BrandTruthTM is the one idea that drives your brand internally and represents it externally. It unites all your products, services, and communicational channels under one banner, promoting authenticity and trustworthiness.

With this key part of your brand identity in place, you’ll be sure to attract the best talent available on the market, provide the most meaningful products and services, and communicate them the right way.



Creating a BrandTruthTM Strategy is a multi-step process. Here’s how it works:

1. Diagnose the Problem
We discuss and determine your
company’s main problem in our
Kick-off Workshop

2. Expand on the Issue
We familiarize ourselves with
your core business, revenue
streams, competitors,
and megatrends in our
Echt Questionnaire

3. Touch Bases with Customers and Employees
We analyze your workforce
and customer base in a
Follow-up Workshop A.
Who are they, and what are
their problems?

4. Visualize a Better Future
We take everything we
earned and put it together
in a Follow-up Workshop B.
What can we do to better
connect with your audience?

5. Develop the BrandTruthTM Strategy
After connecting all the dots, we’ll
be left with a complete
BrandTruthTM Strategy.
All that’s left to do is…

6. Implement the Echt
Communication Toolkit

Consisting of 3 parts, after
this final step, you’ll achieve
a true future-proofed identity.

6.1 Design Your Brand Narrative
This includes your Brand Story,
Tagline, and Visual Identity.

6.2 Deliver New Brand Resources
Consisting of Manuals, Assets,
and Tools, this is everything
you’ll need to manage your
brand identity.

6.3 Reinvent Yourself
The world is changing.
You should too.


The BradTruthTM Framework has worked for these clients so far:

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