Work Kukla Scaffolding

  • Brand 3D Design
  • Digital Design
  • Motion & Video
  • Print Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Web Development
  • Real Estate
  • 2022

The scaffolding business depends almost entirely on references. Developers carefully choose their suppliers and know the market well. Andrej Kukla has been successfully doing business in this industry for more than 17 years and he’s worked with developers across 14 European countries. That’s why he decided to unite all brands under one roof and created Kukla Scaffolding.

When creating its visual identity, we took care to make it distinctive, easy to use, and ready for growth outside of Europe. It needs to be recognisable on a scaffolding van, but also attractive and memorable to potential employees during recruitment.

The website functions as a presentation archive of projects and as a recruitment tool for new employees. It steers clear of stereotypical template-like construction aesthetics, and instead focuses on the scale and attractiveness of the projects.

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